First Credit Card

There are tons of travellers that are on a search for some of the best rewards point’s cards that they can use towards their travel plans. When you are a constant traveller specially you realize that any little bit helps and can even be stretched to become a great deal more than first meets the eye. We want to suggest that you take a look at the First Credit Card-Amex. The First Credit Card-Amex provides a great offset of the other offerings that are made by the First National Credit Card-Maximum Rewards Platinum Visa.

First National of Omaha actually offers two different types of cards with the Amex logo. However, if you are looking for the best card that will give you the most over a longer period of time, we suggest the First Credit Card-Amex. The First Credit Card-Amex starts you off with zero interest for the first year (if you happen to be approved to start on that level). Once your year is over, you should be very well ready to handle the minimal $99 a year because by that time you should really understand how the full First Credit Card-Amex program works. Also, in that years’ time the First Credit Card-Amex will have usually become a welcomes addition to your everyday life. When you are going to compare the two Amex offerings that are mentioned above, you will realize that they both come with cash back bonuses. For the First National Credit Card-Maximum Rewards Platinum Visa they are offering just $50 when $500 is spent within the first six months of having been issued the card. When you select the First Credit Card-Amex that we suggest you will be getting double the amount of cash back which makes that $100. You get the $100 after only using your First Credit Card-Amex to spend $1,000.


Another thing that both of the offerings are providing are a 2% cash return on purchases of gasoline and groceries that are bought using your First Credit Card-Amex. All of the other things you will purchase during the month will help you get 1% cash back. Free money no matter how large or small can mean a lot when you are someone who uses the First Credit Card-Amex frequently so the points and rewards add up. Another really awesome thing is that whenever you have cash back earnings over $25 in your First Credit Card-Amex account you can request the money by check or direct deposit into any account of your choice. You only just have to remember that their payments to you have to be in installments of $25 each payment. For quick example, if you want the $100 from your account, you will receive four payments of $25 into your account instead of one lump of $100. It can though be all requested at the same time so no worries there. 

The only thing that people don't seem to like as much is that after three years your points and rebates if not used will expire. That shouldn't really be a problem though because three years can be a whole lot of freebies and rebates to the point you are surely not going to want to just let them sit there and collect dust anyway. At the end of the day, if this First Credit Card-Amex sounds like a great fit for your way of life you should definitely click the apply button above and check it out a bit more.